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Death Doula Services

This is a personalized service for the client and loved ones involved.

Jennifer will support the client by identifying what level of services they would like for a peaceful transition. This may involve other private pay agencies to help meet the comfort level requested and support the expectations of the client.

Jennifer will guide the loved ones through the transition; to the best of her abilities. She will provide education along the way for an understanding of what to expect and what is happening. Even if hospice is involved, this is an additional service that is currently not a routine standard of practice for some of our local hospice agencies. 

1 – Create a Plan of Services

  • Jennifer will assess and identify the client’s wishes when possible; if the client cannot speak - loved ones can assist with the wishes.

  • Based upon wishes – Jennifer will connect the client with the services requested to prepare for the transition. Such as - funeral homes, private pay agencies, and religious or spiritual support. 

  • Educate the client on the paperwork that may need to be in place to follow through with the client’s wishes.

  • Initiate discussion of afterlife preparation.

​ 2 – Explaining the Dying Process

This is based on the client's and family’s preferences. Jennifer will gauge the loved one's level of comfort when providing education on the transition. Each person has their own path; no two deaths are the same.

 3 – Grieving

This may involve phone calls to loved ones for bereavement services or networking with a grief counselor.

4 - Payment

2 hours ($250) - discussion of the above and whether loved ones are comfortable without supportive services. 

4 hours ($500) - may be broken up over 1 to 3 days for maximum support to the client and loved ones. 

* No additional fees will be required for added hours as this is a difficult time for all involved. 


NOTE: Florida does not require any prior training or certification to become a Death Doula. 

The Northeast Florida area has a limited amount of Death Doulas.

If there is something you desire; please do not hesitate to ask.

The experienced goal is for everyone involved to have a sense of peace with the client’s passing.

Jennifer will do her best to fulfill the client’s and loved ones' needs. 

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