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Health and Life Coaching Services

Sometimes assistance is needed to achieve goals.  

Health and Life Coaching may be the answer.


Some are trying to manage being a caregiver and having self-care.  Working on weight loss can be a struggle because of the level of stress one is under. Life changes make it difficult to cope. At times, we are just not sure what's bothering us and need assistance with identifying the area in our lives that may need a change. 

Health and Life Coaching focuses on the nutrition aspects of health while determining the impact life is having on your desired outcomes. The nutrition aspects are not necessarily for weight loss but for proper nutrition to function and sleep better.

You do not have to stop eating what you like. The life events could be about day-to-day concerns, career changes, relationships/communication, self-care, or even finances.


The sessions are 45 minutes, they can be either in person, via phone call, or Zoom.

The sessions can be purchased individually or in groups - see below for an outline of the sessions and rates. Sessions can be week by week, biweekly, or monthly. 

Jennifer is not providing mental health counseling; she is providing coaching.

If Jennifer determines you may need additional care, she will provide a referral for the proper skill set to best assist you further. 

Health and Life Coaching 45 minutes Sessions:

1 Session - $125

3 Sessions - $350 ($25 discount)

6 Sessions - $700 ($50 discount) - not to be extended past 1 year

9 Sessions - $1050 ($75 discount)

12 Sessions - $1400 ($100 discount) - not to be extended past 2 years

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