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          "Jennifer Betts is a wonderful medical social worker! Having personal experience when my father passed away in October of 2021, she was amazing.  Her knowledge of the process was unparalleled.  My family and I had so many questions and she made herself available 24/7 to cater to us: from having the hospital bed delivered, the oxygen needed and also hand selecting the 24 hour nurses to care for my father that best suited our needs. As we now know, hospice services are not only for the person taking their final journey toward death but for the family surrounding them during this difficult time. Jennifer also sent us the most caring Pastor, Carl, and his compassionate words helped us as Christians deal with Dads passing in a peaceful, confident way.  Most importantly, my beloved Father had no fear and was comforted by knowing how well we were taken care of with Mrs. Betts guidance.

          Please know of the enhanced level of competence that Jennifer Betts has with her years of experience in this field and her network of caring, kind professionals.  We felt safe and comforted with these people in our home as they knew what to expect.  They assisted us with knowing how to administer needed medications for comfort and peace."

Karen F.

          "Death is never an easy thing to process, but the moments leading up to it can be more difficult than anyone can ever imagine. My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at the early age of 46 and during this difficult time I was fortunate enough to have Jennifer by my side answering questions and providing me with information to help ease my mind. My wife's death took a long and drawn out 7 years. It was brutal on me but as I was lost in the emotions of sadness, fear and despair she knew exactly who to talk to arrange every wish that my beautiful wife would have wanted after she left this world. In the final days of her life hospice was there for us with comfort and understanding but I also had Jennifer there to help me on this terrible journey, a journey no one wants to take. Her knowledge and expertise were a Godsend to me and my family as we navigated uncharted waters. As I reflect on this difficult time of my life I think of how invaluable she was and how wonderful it would be if everyone who was facing these same circumstances could have Jennifer there for them. What a beautiful gift that would be!"

Ken M.

          "Jennifer was a compassionate godsend during our journey with my father's dementia and the simultaneous decline of his heart and kidney. She connected us with resources, made us aware of how best to get care for daddy and help my stepmom. She was available 24/7 to answer our calls and explain what the doctors were telling us. She has a wide network and was able to interface with my father's caregivers as his illness progressed."

Julie H.

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