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Geriatric Case Management tailored by
the client and loved ones. 
Working in the medical field for 20-plus years with adults has provided Jennifer with the skill set to best serve you and your loved one. The goal is to have the client age in place comfortably. Resources are needed to achieve this and Jennifer can assist you with getting connected to the right agency whether it is through insurance or a local private service. Typically we start with a Geriatric Assessment - please see this tab for more information and cost. 
Jennifer can help with navigating through the healthcare system. Focus placed on ensuring the client understands their medical condition(s), sees doctor(s), takes medication(s), and has the medical and/or non-medical care they need to be as independent as possible. Please see the Hospital Coordination tab for additional services. 
Achieving independence may incorporate assistance with ensuring safe mobility, keeping an active mind, and helping with what matters most to the client. Assessing the goals and needs of the client then guides Jennifer to what services to connect the client with. Together we can develop a care plan to allow the client to age in place for as long as possible. 
Listed below are some of the areas Jennifer can assist with either one-on-one or by connecting you with a resource. Below are the rates for services listed here. 
  • companionship/socialization 
  • medication reminders
  • attending appointments                
  • meal planning
  • personal care
  • respite
  • household chores
  • finances/affairs in order
  • organization 
  • transportation
  • assistance with errands
  • social activities
  • mobility activities
  • household maintenance 
If there is something not listed here please ask.
It is important to Jennifer to provide quality services and meet the client's needs as much as possible. ​
1 hour - $50
2 hours - $90
3 hours - $120
4 or more hours are at a rate of $35.00 per hour. 
Note there is no minimum per week for services to be provided. 

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