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Client / Family Hospital Coordination ($125 for up to 90 minutes)

Often when a client has been taken to the hospital; the family is not able to be at the client's (patient's) bedside.

Medical team members come and go from the patient's room and are not communicating with the family member(s).

Often, patients are then expected to make quick decisions without input from a case manager who understands the patient's desires for maximum independence.  The patient is told what insurance covers and is pressed to decide the same day. 

  • As a certified case manager (CCM) - Jennifer will go to the hospital, meet with the patient, and request the bedside RN to review the day's events with the patient present (HIPPA regulations).

  • Next, Jennifer will call the family with the patient present, to review options for the next steps of care.

  • Jennifer will then assist with determining the best discharge plan for the patient while taking into consideration emotional support systems, prior living environment, and quality of recommended facilities for rehabilitation, if the patient is truly not able to return to their prior living environment with additional insurance / private pay resources in place.

  • Jennifer will ensure the discharge plan has been successful and visit with the patient within 2 days of discharge.  

  • Updates to prior living facility (Independent Living, Assisted Living) will be given at the request of the patient to ensure the facility is involved in the aftercare of the patient. 

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