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Geriatric Assessment ($150) 

This could be a one-time visit or an introduction to additional services.

This service is not required before the Hospital Coordination service. 

Jennifer will meet with you for 1 to 2 hours to discuss the following:

  • Explain and/or review Advance Directives

    • The client needs to know when advance directives are being used and by whom.

    • Explain what happens if there are no advance directives.

    • Explain ​the differences between Advance Directives / DNR / Code Status in a hospital setting.

    • How to change advance directives. 

      • If you have documents, please have them available.

  • Jennifer will then obtain an understanding of the client’s past and current physical abilities.

    • What chronic medical conditions are you managing?

    • What medications do you take and /or what assisted devices do you use/have?

    • What would you like your quality of life to look like?

    • How are you achieving day-to-day activities - cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, managing finances - etc.? 

    • Whom to work with to maximize your health - home health care, in-home physician care, palliative care, etc. 

  • Next, Jennifer will guide you through support systems to enhance your quality of life.

    • Discuss your insurance and non-insurance benefits. 

    • Provide you with options for local resources to assist with identified needs.

    • Provide suggestions to keep maximum independence for the client and peace of mind for the loved ones involved in the client's life.

  • Finally, Jennifer will discuss patient safety and the ability to seek help when needed.

    • Discuss safety resources and provide information. ​


In closing, a plan for the immediate and future needs would be discussed and coordinated.​

*Please see Geriatric Services for additional offerings. ​

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