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End-of-Life Preparation

In the multiple settings Jennifer has worked, she has learned the course one tends to take towards the end of life. 

Planning for the end of life could involve education on advance directives - ensuring the client has whom they trust most to make medical decisions when the client can no longer communicate for themselves. 

Jennifer will educate on the stages of an illness and what to expect in a year, 6 months, or less.  Provide education on palliative care, home health care, in-home physician agencies, and hospice services. Discuss what combination of services may work best for the current needs. 

Funeral preparation and planning, discussing coordination of financial concerns, and working with all involved toward a peaceful transition are also incorporated into the session. This is truly a client / loved one-focused service.

Jennifer will work with all involved to ensure they have an understanding of what is to be.

Jennifer will gauge her conversation to what is emotionally acceptable to all involved at the time of the session.  

Jennifer will coordinate additional private pay services with a local agency of the patient's choice when an outside person is needed at the bedside for an extended period of time, or to provide caregiving support in the home. 


Up to 2 hours ($200) - Incorporates areas of the Geriatric Assessment and guidance for what important decisions may need to be made as stated above.  

$35 for additional hours. 

**For additional end-of-life services please review the Death Doula tab. 

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